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The Immigration Community Corporation is a non-profit, social service organization that provides immigration legal services primarily to low-income and indigent clients within the United States.

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Client Services

We offer a wide range of client services. If you need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We specialize in:

Arrested, Jailed, Detension

We can assist anyone in any city or state within the United States where a relative of friend has been arrested and is currently being held in an immigrant Detention Center.
We can also assist you if you’re relative or friend has been detained or arrested and you do not know where that person is located, telephone us, we can assist you.

Citizenship can be available to you

Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is conferred upon people who were not born in the United States.

Deportation can be stopped

Prior to the enactment of the illegal immigration reform and immigrant responsibilities act (IIRAIRA), the illegal process of deporting foreign nationals was called “deportation”.  Following the enactment of IIRAIRA, both deportation and exclusion are referred to as “removal” proceedings.  If someone is determined to be removable, they are subject to receiving a removal order and must leave the United States.  Anyone who is not a U.S. Citizen can be deported from the United States.

Visa Holders and Deportation:
The most common reason non-permanent residents are removed from the United States is if they entered the U.S. without inspection or without valid entry documents. (illegally)

Green Card Holders and Denial Entry:
There are a number of conditions which will result in the refusal of entry into the United States.  Lawful permanent residents who have remained outside of the United States for an extended period should be prepared to provide evidence at the port of entry that they maintained a continuous and uninterrupted intention to return to the United States throughout their absence.
If you, your friend or relative experience any type of problem related to the discussion or act of deportation, please telephone us or visit our offices immediately.

Deomestic Violence, Abuse, Self- Petition

An individual who has been battered; or an abused spouse, parent or children of an abusive U.S. citizen or a Permanent Resident may submit an application for the Green Card without the need for support from a spouse.

Employment Authorization (EAD)

An employment authorization document (EAD) authorizes an alien to work in the U.S. for a period of time, usually one year, It is also sometimes known as a work permit.
Who is eligible?

  • The specific categories that require an Employment Authorization Document include (but are not limited to) asylees and asylum seekers; refugees; students seeking particular types of employment; applicants to adjust to permanent residence status; people in or applying for temporary protected status; fiancés of American Citizens; and dependents of foreign government officials.

Family Based Petition, Bring Family...

A brief description
The family based petition permits certain aliens to become U.S. permanent residents (“Green Card” holders) or U.S. citizens through family relatives with U.S. green card holders or U.S. citizens.  The person filing an immigration petition for his family member is known as the sponsor.  The relative for whom the family based petition is filed is called the beneficiary.

Family members eligible for permanent residency:
Family member who fall under the heading of family-based petitions are Marital, Fiancé, Parent-Child and other relatives of either U.S. citizens or permanent residents.  The most common categories and the fastest to receive out approval are fiancé petition and marital petitions.

Fiancé Relative Petition, Bring Girlfriend...

The fiancé relative petitions have been created for the U.S. citizens who have a fiancé who currently live outside of the USA and whom they intend to marry. 

Green Card: Lawful Permanent Resident

Obtaining the Lawful Permanent Residency (LPR) commonly known as the Green Card is an option for individuals who are not citizens of the United States to live and work in this country.

There is a multi-step process to get your Green Card.  In most cases, USCIS must first approve an immigration petition for you, usually filed by an employer or relative.  Then, an immigrant visa number must be available to you, even if you are already in the United States, you may apply to adjust permanent resident status (if you are outside the United States, you will be notified by a local U.S. Consulate to complete the processing for an immigrant visa

Special Client Services

1. Legal assistance
2. Release from detention
3. Ask about other problems that you may be experiencing
4. Assistance needed for relatives in detention within another state location
5. Special services: we will

  • Locate an individual recently arrested
  • Visit with your friend or relative in the detention center
  • Sit down with one or several family members to answer their questions and to advise them of legal action to be taken
  • Explain the entire process of bonding
  • Explain the immigration court proceeding
  • Stay available to answer questions and to advise family of updated information
  • Stop deportation of your family member or friend
  • We can assist in the removal of your conditional residency after two years given that immigration will not notify you.  Please be aware that if you do not file your application you could be deported.







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